Skin Care, Cosmetic & Necklace
Skin Care, Cosmetic & Necklace
Skin Care, Cosmetic & Necklace

This is a special design necklace  & pendants with a crystall ball inside. You can inject any essential oil inside. This crystal ball will release the aroma slowly to create an aromatherapy.

Different essential oil has different benefits, kindly browse through our variety of essential oil at

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100% Natural , chemical free deodorant
No blockages on your armpit 
It reduces black spot
Lavender/Lemongrass & Tea tree essential oil


100g each. 9 pcs
Benefits to skin: silky and moisture after used


Aroma necklace set.
User can fill in any perfume or essential oil through the little hold behind the crystal ball


aroma bag with dry plant and aroma essence.
Suitable to give as gift.
Use for room, car, wardrobe or living hall


Natural essential oil is the essence from the plant,

it is suitable to use as room aroma , handmade soap or DIY cosmetic product


2 layers pendant
There is a hold in the crystal ball.
Inject 1/3 essential oil or fragrance into the crystal ball and aroma will diffuse out.
We will give you a syringe
necklace length 28 cm


Drop a few drops of essential oil onto the cotton inside the casing.
Aroma will diffuse from the pendant


Premium Rose essential oil from French


100% Handmade Lip Stick with Cherry pinky colour. No preservatives.
Added with jojoba, olive and aloe vera extra for extra moisture.


Added with jojoba ,sweet almond oil and aloe vera for more moisturising.

No artificial chemical or preservatives is added.



Freshly made lavender essential oil lotion.
various of fresh oil are used: olive, extra virgin coconut oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil etc.


Musical necklace with light crystal sound


Jasmine Essential Oil from India. Very pure


Pure Lemon Essential Oil for refresing & whitening effect


It is a natural mosquito repellent.
The aroma is stronger than lemongrass
10ml each bottle